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Dr Patrick Moore Your Weight Loss Surgeon
Patrick's Story | The Journey to Becoming a Weight Loss Surgery Specialist
Dr Patrick Moore Your Weight Loss Surgeon

Melbourne’s Most Accomplished Weight Loss Surgeon

Dr Patrick Moore

3000+ successful surgeries
One of the lowest complication rates in Australia
Individualised service with education and safety as the main priorities
Patrick helped lead the team that performed Victoria’s first laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy on January 2006, on a patient weighing 290kg

What are the potential benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Assist in losing 50 - 70% in excess body weight
Improve fertility
Reduce risk of heart disease
Help cure sleep apnea
Long-term improvement for type 2 diabetes
Improve mobility
Joint pain relief
Reduce depression
Can help alleviate other medical conditions
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Beyond The Surgery
Meet patient Nola Sargeant. She struggled with the merry go round of dieting, losing weight and putting it back on again.
Nola Sargeant
“I just knew it was the correct thing to do and after meeting Patrick, I didn’t even bother looking elsewhere as he just made me feel so comfortable throughout all my procedures. The entire team here definitely care about myself as a patient and also as a person.”
Meet patient Suzette. After hearing her friends joke about going on The Biggest Loser TV show she realised it was time for a serious change.
Nola Sargeant
“The impact from having the surgery has been enormous – I’ve lost half my body weight. I’ve gone from being afraid of sitting on chairs for the fear of them collapsing underneath me to now walking into any clothing store and buying whatever I want. And 11 years later the team are always there for me – they are always welcoming and always helpful, nothing is ever a problem!”

Am I a good candidate for Gastric Bypass Surgery?

You may be a candidate if:
You are more than 40kg above your ideal weight
Your BMI is above 40kg/m2 or,
Your BMI is above 35 and you have a medical condition associated with your weight, such as diabetes
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*After Medicare rebate and not requiring any further investigations preoperatively.