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Cost of Weight Loss Surgery

Cost of Weight Loss Surgery 2

There are many reasons to look at the cost of weight loss surgery.  There may be a financial cost and it is important to research all the options available to you.

The financial cost of having weight loss surgery is made up from many different sources.  It is best to speak to your health care professional regarding this before considering any bariatric surgery.

  • Hospital charges for bed stay
  • Hospital charges for operating theatre session
  • Equipment used in the operating theatre session. This includes the gastric band itself or for other weight loss operations, the stapling devices
  • Surgeon fees, anaesthetist fees and assistant costs

Patients with Private Health Insurance

If you a member of a private health fund and have an appropriate level of cover, most hospital and equipment charges will be covered with no out of pocket costs. (Depending on your insurance arrangements, there may be an excess to pay). Occasionally in your operation, there may be certain equipment used which is “non-rebatable” and you will have to pay part of the costs. The out of pocket expenses for insured patients relate mostly to professional/clinic fees charged by the surgeon, anaesthetist and assistant.

You should inquire with your private health  insurance company to see whether you are covered for these procedures and quote one of the following item number: Gastric Banding Surgery - Item No. 31569

Can I access my superannuation fund for weight loss surgery?

You can apply to access your Super Annuation for out of pocket costs related to weight loss surgery for yourself.

What is the cost of NOT having weight loss surgery?

If you are at risk of serious health complications due to your weight then what are the costs of NOT having weight loss surgery?  If you are suffering from some weight-related medical issues they may get worse without serious lifestyle changes.  Often children of overweight people also struggle with their weight and the cost to this is also felt.

If you are struggling to get a handle on your weight and your options for weight loss have now become limited you are probably already paying the price.  What will life be like in another 12 months’ time?  Here are some statistics that may be applicable to you.

Obesity statistics

  • 63.4% of Australians are obese
  • 11.3% suffer from hypertension
  • $56.6 billion was the cost of weight-related issues in Australia in 2016 (including government, independent, employers, health insurers)
  • 75-80 % of middle-aged men are overweight
  • Obesity has snowballed over the last 33 years increasing by 80%
  • 70% of adults living with obesity subsequently suffer a weight-related health condition.
  • 25% of children are overweight
  • 18.5 % of children between the ages of 2-19 are obese
  • 13.9% of 2-5-year old’s
  • 18.4% of 6-11-year old’s
  • 20.6% of 12-19-year old’s

Obesity-Related Health Risks

  • Breathing disorders i.e. sleep apnoea
  • Certain types of cancers - Prostate and Bowel cancer in men, Breast and Uterine cancer in women)
  • Heart disease
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Gallbladder
  • Liver disease
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • High blood pressure & Cholesterol
  • Joint problems
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Stroke
  • Knee & Lower Back pain

1 in 4 Australian Children Are Overweight

Large children often become large adults.  Obese children have a 20-25% chance of being obese into their adult years and this figure can be as high as 75% if obesity is experienced into later adolescence.

Children who suffer from early age obesity suffer higher rates of depression and can often turn to extreme dieting to lose weight.  Another repercussion with Childhood Obesity is that they can often report weight targeted peer bullying.

Diabetes Costs Australian Taxpayers $14.9Billion a Year

North Eastern Weight Loss Surgery is one of Melbourne’s leading centres that perform a wide range of weight reduction surgeries.  The team is headed up by Patrick Moore who has 20 years’ experience successfully helping people realise their weight loss goals.  North Eastern Weight Loss Surgery has several locations.

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