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Obesity Advice

Fatty Liver: What Is It and How Can It Affect Me?

Fatty Liver, also known as hepatic steatosis, is a term a lot of people may not be familiar with. It occurs when too much fat builds up on the liver, which leads to liver inflammation. This can damage your liver and creates scarring and in severe cases, this scarring can [...]

Our Top 3 Tips Post Weight Loss Surgery

Great! You've made the life-changing decision to get weight loss surgery and you're now back home recovering from the procedure - but what now? There are many tips and tricks to help achieve your weight loss goals post-surgery but as experts, we have always been asked "what are the best ways [...]

Is Being Overweight Putting You at Risk of Sleep Apnoea?

If you’re struggling to stay awake during the day, or keeping your partner awake at night with loud snoring, then sleep apnoea could be the culprit. While sleep apnoea can occur in people with a normal BMI, the disorder is more common in those who are overweight.  If you’re not [...]

Pregnancy and Bariatric Surgery | What you NEED to Know

Skye is one of our success stories! This photo was taken 2 years post-sleeve surgery and shows not only her incredible weight loss but the addition of this gorgeous little man to her family. Weight loss definitely improved Skye’s fertility and can definitely help you too if you are hoping [...]

Obesity and Exercise – Where to start?

The number one rule is not to give up, any movement is good movement, you just have to find a way to start, no matter how small. It is incredibly important that if you are in this category to consult your physician. Discuss your plans with them so they can [...]

What to Expect After Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery may have been one of the biggest decisions you have ever made in your life and is sure to have come after many years of trying numerous weight loss attempts with limited success but you have finally taken the first step to achieving long term weight management. Congratulations, [...]

General Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery – FAQs

Weight loss surgery Bariatric surgery is now a common tool in the fight against obesity. Over 65% of all Australian adults and 25% of all Australian children are in the overweight to obese category. These numbers point to a chronic epidemic that needs long term solutions, not quick fixes. Weight [...]

Weight Loss Revision Surgery FAQs

What is bariatric revision surgery? Bariatric revision surgery is a surgical procedure that is undertaken by patients who have previously had weight loss surgery and have either encountered complications or have not achieved the expected weight reduction with their initial bariatric surgery. This would normally be a different surgical procedure [...]

Do I need weight loss surgery?

Has your weight become unmanageable? Have you had several failed attempts at dieting or weight loss? Is weight loss surgery the right option for you? Bariatric surgery is an option when other weight loss avenues have been explored and failed and is considered a lifesaving surgery. [...]

“So you have taken the easy way out”

“So you have taken the easy way out” This is a familiar saying that our patients tell us they have been subjected to hearing from family and friends. In reality nothing could be further from the truth. The decision to have bariatric surgery never comes lightly. It is never the [...]

What are the benefits of Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery can be lifesaving For many people, bariatric surgery is a life-saving operation.  When all other weight reduction avenues have failed, surgery gives the patient a genuine alternative to produce the results needed to achieve long term weight loss goals. Extensive worldwide research has shown less than 5% of [...]

Maladaptive Eating

What is maladaptive eating? If the Surgeon or the Dietitian has told you that you have maladaptive eating, it means that you have changed what you eat or how you eat, in such a way that it is affecting how the band works. This means that how successful you are at [...]

Good Sleep Helps Weight Loss

How are sleep and weight gain related? As we are all aware, if we are overweight or obese, our quality of sleep is often compromised as well as our health. Maybe something we didn’t know that one of the keys to helping shed those pounds is sleeping in! So [...]

Food Cravings And How To Stop Being Tempted

You know that old saying, “Try not to think about an elephant”, then all you can think about is an elephant. Why does it feel exactly the same when it comes to food and weight loss? Have you ever noticed that the food cravings kick in when the fast food [...]

The BMI Scale and What Does It Mean

The BMI Scale And What It Means Health professionals have developed a key indicator when it comes to assessing the weight to height ratios known as the BMI scale. This calculates the proportion of your height to your weight indicating a healthy weight range for your height. It is important [...]

Cost Of Weight Loss Surgery

There are many reasons to look at the cost of weight loss surgery.  There may be a financial cost and it is important to research all the options available to you. The financial cost of having weight loss surgery is made up from many different sources.  It is best to [...]

5 Weight Loss Surgery Myths Busted

There are many misnomers and myths surrounding weight loss surgery. It is quite a common procedure these days and the marketing and information surrounding this topic can often be misleading. Details regarding weight loss surgery can also often be misreported by the media. Here are 5 of [...]

Recent Studies Link Obesity to 13 Different Cancer Types

Research As obesity is one of the worlds’ fastest growing health problems faced by governments, doctors are being asked to extensively research health problems associated with this new age phenomenon. We are aware that obesity has many detrimental health effects including, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, [...]

Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity and its Definition To describe Childhood Obesity, or just simply obesity, it is the surplus of body fat in the body.  In this proportion, your body weight is estimated to be at the level which it is negative to your health. When a person is [...]

The Obesity Epidemic That’s Killing Our Australia!

What Is Obesity And Why Are We In An Obesity Epidemic In Australia? Obesity, simply put, is as an excess of body fat that is considered to be at the level which it is negative to your health. When a person is classified as 'obese' by a doctor, the level [...]

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